The planet Ephesus
The planet of Ephesus is the new-found home of a stranded robot, who uses its technology to help the cat-like inhabitants build houses and farm the land. Since the characters looked and acted similar to cats, it was an obvious choice to make their houses resemble cat towers! And while its only purpose was to be visually cool, I really enjoyed applying the striated, multi-colored look to the environments.
The floating island-city of Volosia floats above an active volcano, whose residents use the geothermal energy as a source of power. The adornments on their housing are mainly types of smelted metal, and the roofs serve as anchoring points for their suspension system. A spiral motif is used across the clouds, flora, and defense tower designs.
Lodo Island
Lodo Island is an archipelago on an ocean planet whose residents are threatened by rising sea levels. When designing the main island, I wanted to have its outcroppings and flora feel like bivalve shells. Numerous types of bivalves, like clams and mussels, are indicator species for the health of their respective environments, making them a fun source of inspiration for a story with concepts of climate change.
The planet Infurnia
A volcanic planet where lakes of liquid metal are being exploited and drained, causing the inhabitants to turn to stone. While designing this world, orange and brown seemed to be a natural choice for a super-hot environment. By punctuating the landscape with waterfalls and flowers of violet and hot pink plasma, it helped to bring an idea of lushness while still evoking heat.
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